10 Over 10 returns for its fourth season, featuring a host of interesting new commentators and the most jaw-dropping topics.

Starting Monday, 20 June at 19:00 this season will surely keep you in the intrigued and entertained.

Do you remember a time before social media? It was a peaceful time where people couldn’t put you on blast in front of others and all your dirty laundry couldn’t, at a click of a button be posted for the world to see.

These days, it’s like The Hunger Games on social media and in life, so it’s better to lay low and pretty much say nothing otherwise you’ll find yourself beefing. It’s about that time when we take a look at some of the most epic showdowns on the celeb streets.

10 Over 10 kicks off with a countdown of the Top 10 celebrity beefs and catfights.

Let’s get ready to rumble.