American rap icon‚ Snoop Dogg seems to be a fan of local rapper AKA. This after the Drop It Like It’s Hot rapper was spotted on Snapchat rapping along to the beat of AKA’s latest track‚ Dreamwork.

In a set of clips uploaded to Snoop’s Snapchat account on Sunday‚ the musician is seen riding in a car while he listens and raps along to the main beat of the song‚ released by AKA two weeks ago.
The song was produced by American KJ Conteh who is a good friend of Snoop Dogg, having worked with Snoop and Dr Dre on previous projects. So, it seems Snoop may have got the track from him.

AKA got wind of the clips and took to social media on Monday to share them with his fans‚ who quickly spread the word across the web.

With an album promised for later this year‚ we wonder if AKA will manage to get Snoop on a feature?