HHP (Hip-Hop Pantsula), who is also known as Jabba, recently sat down with The African Hip-Hop and told them his thoughts about the new school of SA urban music, particularly those who don't show respect to those who came before them.

In a video which went viral over the weekend the rapper came out strongly to make his views on the current state of hip-hop known.
HHP slammed the current generation of hip-hop stars for having no respect and warned that he will settle beef with a beating.
"These youngsters are so f**ken disrespectful, I don't care how many endorsement deals you have," he said on the video.
HHP added that he's made a lot of millions in his career but will never say he's better than someone who's music he grew up listening to, because it's a part of who he is.
 "So for a youngster to say f**k these OGs, f**k you man. I hate these disrespectful youngsters," HHP added.

Watch the full video here: