Remember when some people went in on Zahara for some of her recent Instagram posts? 
First she shared a side-by-side picture of herself with North West (Kim and Kanye's baby), and then asked fans, "who wore it better?". 
As if that was not shocking enough, she posted another picture - this time with Rihanna - and said they were rocking their "vintage tracksuits". 

But guess what? Zahara is not fazed by any of this. 
Speaking to Bonang Matheba on The Front Row on Tuesday morning, she said if people aren't asking her when she's changing her hair, they're going on about about the way she poses. 
"It was Africa Day. They were like 'Hayi Zahara uzoba sisangoma ngoku (are you becoming a Sangoma now)'. I'm like 'oh my gosh, I'm not gonna be a Sangoma, but I'm a Xhosa girl, I'm dressed like a Xhosa girl so what?'"
Okay, then. Thanks for clearing the air, Zahara.