A video of a South African pastor turning half of his congregation to what he calls his sheep has surfaced online and gone viral.
In the video, Pastor  Penuel Mnguni of End Times Disciples Ministries Church starts by having three worshipers crawling behind him as he approaches the altar.
Moments later, he calls on all his ‘sheep’ to follow him and dozens of members of his congregation go on all fours towards the altar.
He keeps calling out for more sheep to follow him and more congregants take to the floor and crawl towards him while shaking and making animal sounds.
The “flock” then congregate at the altar where the pastor orders them to stand up. Soon after, he utters some words that sends them sprawling on the floor.
The video ends with the “flock” lying motionless on the floor at the altar and the congregation in awe.
Pastor Penuel Mnguni had in July last year ordered members of his congregation to eat live snakes.
Source : Online