For many people an expensive car can be their pride and joy.

So when this man, who had parked his brand new £90,000 Range Rover outside luxury department store Harrods, found it had been ‘decorated’ by someone , he wasn’t best pleased.
The red-faced motorist came back to find the word ‘cheater’ had been spray-painted in large red letters, possibly by a disgruntled ex , along each side and ‘I hope she was worth it’ scrawled across the tinted rear window and bonnet.
To finish it off, the words ‘it’s over’ were written over the driver’s side front wheel.
Naturally it generated a lot of attention.
Wearing a white t-shirt and sunglasses, the man refused to speak as he jumped into the white car before driving off.
Dozens of tourists stopped to pose with the car, which was parked on Basil Street in Knightsbridge, central London before it was driven off along Rysbrack Street to an unknown location.
Jack, manager of Gran Cafe, opposite where the car was parked said yesterday when the car arrived it was pristine.
He said: “The car arrived perfectly normal.
“Cars like that are always parked around here. There is a lot of wealth.
“I was busy with customers and the next thing I know, there is spray paint all over it.
“I am not sure what happened but I think the writing speaks for itself.
“I don’t know whose car it is.”
To make matters worse he was also issued with a parking ticket as he had left the 4X4 on double yellow lines.
A parking inspector for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea said he issued the £130 fine at around 2.30pm on Wednesday.
He said: “It’s been here for the past two hours.
“I can’t tell whose car it is but it is parked on double yellow lines.
“That’s why it’s got a ticket.”

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