SUNPOWER has brought a smile to Mixon “Tsekeleke” Tholo’s face once again!
The musician and dancer is a happy man today after he finally received payment for starring in the Beacon Smoothies TV advert.
Daily Sun published Tsekeleke’s story on 9 May under the headline “Tsekeleke is broke!”
Tsekeleke said he signed a two-year contract with advertising company King James II in 2014.
He said he had only received two payments for his work, once in December and again in January.
The poor fellow became so broke that he could no longer afford to even buy a kota.
“I signed the contract in August but had to fight with the advertising agency to receive two payments.
“The agency promised that I would receive monthly payments for two years,” he claimed.
This week the company contacted him and by Wednesday night, a huge smile was plastered all over his face.
“I received a payment of R11 000.
“I am happy that I finally received payment for my hard work.
“Now I will be able to pay for the recording of my upcoming album,” he said.
“I will finally be able to afford to support myself and further my music career.”
Tsekeleke said he was told it would be his final payment
Kathi Jones of King James said Tsekeleke’s original contract was signed by advertising agency TBWA Hunt Lascaris, and not by King James.
“The original fees in the contract were paid to him in 2014.
“We took over the Beacon business in 2015 and became responsible for the renewal fees for the TV ad only.
“These are paid on an annual basis as a once-off payment for the additional year that the ad is on air.
“The additional year of use was renewed in April 2015 and fees were paid over to him by us,” she said.
She said there is no reference to any arrangement to pay monthly fees in the original contract.