Unathi has opened up about an ordeal she endured with a colleague she considered to be a good friend.
Unathi Msengana has had her ups and downs in the entertainment industry. The media personality, who got her break in the industry as a presenter on Castle Loud many years ago, is still going strong.
Of course, as you know, with great success comes a lot of challenges. In an interview with Phat Joe on RGB on Saturday evening, Unathi was asked about her biggest battle in the industry to date.
She replied: “They come and go, hey. Like a colleague lying about that issue with Mbongeni Ngema last year.”
She explained that a co-worker mismanaged a situation at work and thought he could use her as a scapegoat. “I think that’s been the biggest ‘wow, okay this could happen’. Cause it’s obviously from someone I loved dearly, respected dearly…”
When asked if she had learned anything about who she can and cannot trust, after all these years in the industry, she replied: “This colleague was different because I mean, you know, we were cool at YFM…
"Always loved him, loved his mind. So for me and because it was so personal and so intimate and so deliberate and blatant, I think that’s the one thing that’s emotionally…”
Unathi told Phat Joe that Ngema came out “guns blazing” after she apparently refused an interview. 
“So he came out guns blazing and insulted me left, right and centre. And obviously when he realised that he had been lied to, he was embarrassed and apologised, but it was just, I think the repercussions of just a blatant, open ‘okay, I’m gonna use this person to be my scapegoat’ from someone I trusted, loved and respected. And having to face that person every day is crazy.”

Source :zalebs