METRO FM’s Tbo Touch and Lindelani Mkhize are said to be in talks in a bid to start a new trade union for workers in the creative industry.
Several sources close to the DJ and businessman, (real name Thabo Molefe) said as a freelancer, he feels the need to start a union to protect the rights of creative workers.
One showbiz source said: “He has met Joyous Celebration’s co-founder Lindelani several times to discuss how a new creative union could be structured.
“They feel the current union doesn’t do members justice when it comes to representation.
“The two want to spearhead a new platform to ensure people’s jobs are protected – even when they get more work outside of their current gigs.”
The source added many artists’ jobs are on the line in the creative industry.
“This is stressful, because today you’re in and tomorrow you’re

out. Some talented people are left out in the cold after taking on jobs with political parties and/or companies not affiliated to the entity they are contracted to.

It’s believed after launch of the yet-to-be named creative union, a funeral cover will also be included.
“We’re going to put together documents. We’re not ready yet, don’t publish this. I’m not dismissing the issue, I want to give you the story with facts because what we are trying to start will help also you as a writer,” said Tbo Touch, asking us to meet him and Lindelani next week for pictures and “facts”. Lindelani didn’t respond to an email sent to him.