After posting a 7-part tweet to his more than 700 000 followers on the social media platform‚ he found himself facing the wrath of Twitter. But what made him speak out? Here’s everything you need to know.
Before his controversial tweets were published‚ Euphonik tweeted about Nasty C and how his new music is all about the bars and not the cars.
Twitter detectives took the comment as a swipe at AKA‚ who is dating Euphonik’s ex‚ Bonang. (Just two days earlier AKA had tweeted an image of a new car that he had purchased)
The message was retweeted over 500 times and his mentions were again filled with comments about how he can’t get over Bonang‚ how he hasn’t moved on and how he is jealous.
“The funny thing is that he genuinely wasn’t even referring to AKA. He was making a comment in general. He also has fancy cars‚ so he was also referring to himself. He has no problem with AKA at all‚” one source close to Euphonik tells TMG Entertainment.
After the barrage of messages‚ Euphonik couldn’t hold his tongue and decided to set the record straight.
Euphonik was widely condemned for his messages‚ with many calling him out for being “sexist” saying he had reduced Bonang to the number of men she had been in relationships with.
However‚ those close to him say his comments came not only because he is always questioned about the relationship‚ but also because of Bonang’s comment in an interview with her ex-boyfriend Slikour.
In the interview posted to his website‚ Slikouronlife ( many thought that her comment about exes was in reference to Euphonik. “You were nothing but good to me therefore to this day I have nothing ill to say about you‚ after you was bullsh*t‚ and now I’m okay‚” Bonang told Slikour during the interview.
“Euphonik is very open and honest. He doesn’t shy away from telling it how it is. So when he heard that Bonang had downplayed their relationship‚ calling it bullsh*t‚ it was a hard pill to swallow‚” explains another insider. “They were together for 7 years. In many ways‚ they built their careers together. He has a lot on Bonang‚ but he doesn’t act on it because he has moved on. But when that kind of public comment is made‚ he’s going to hit back.”
While the explanation may offer some context to his tweets‚ does that excuse what Euphonik said? Well‚ he’s adamant that he didn’t mean to offend anyone.

Source :timeslive