Talk about riding around in style. Emtee's little boy gets to drive around the garden in a motorised Lamborgihini.

The Roll Up rapper spoilt his one-year-old son Avery with a slick new yellow Lambo worth about R 9000.
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If this little boy is driving around in a Lambo now, imagine what dad is going to buy him when he turns 21.
It seems like Emtee is giving his son everything that he could not have when he was growing up.
Just a few weeks ago the rapper revealed what it was like growing up in the small KZN village of Matatiele and how people thought he would "die a village boy."
Well, thankfully for little Avery, Emtee is climbing up the ladder at the speed of a Lambo so he is sure to be driving a real Lambo at 21.
Source : timeslive