What started as a rumour and news spreading across the globe that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of Enlightened Gathering Church (ECG) has gone missing and chances were that he had been abducted by unknown assailant has been established to be a PR stunt , Malawi Independent has the detail.

Malawi Independent claims Shepherd Bushiri has not gone missing or being abducted. ”That is not true and it is only the work of his boys who wanted to cover his absence from the public appearances by spinning that Bushiri is missing in case some people would be curious of his whereabouts during the 40 days that he is expected to spend at his spiritual father’s shrine.”
”As we write, Bushiri has spent almost his first 5 days at his spiritual father’s shrine where he is going without food while offering different sacrifices that will enable him to gain more spiritual power, influence and wealthy once he returns.”,claims the Malawian newspaper
”Inside sources from his ministry have revealed to us that once Bushiri passes the test that he is currently going through, a lot of strange things will happen.
”Now that we have told you the plain truth of what Bushiri is doing and crashing the claims that Bushiri has been abducted as reported by his boys, there are two things that are likely to happen. Bushiri will be forced to come out of the cocoon to than he was expected to or, he will go ahead with his fasting and sacrifices until the 40 days elapse”,claims the paper
Source : Malawi Independent