ONE of President Jacob Zuma s daughters is embroiled in a bitter divorce involving a multimillion-rand estate. And the dispute has also spread to the monthly maintenance she is demanding, amounting to almost R120 000.The husband, a wealthy businessman, had offered to pay R67 000 a month toward the maintenance of their Joburg home. His defence was that the woman was financially independent because she had recently paid for a R280 000 vacation for six people in Mauritius. Another dispute emanating from the bling divorce, playing out in the South Gauteng High Court, involved an 8-seater private jet and a fleet of luxury cars, including a Porsche 911 Turbo, Range Rover, Mercedez Benz GL, Mercedez Benz E500 and a Ferrari California.
According to the husband s affidavit, there are also two plush properties located in an affluent suburb of Joburg and in East London that are also at stake. Luxurious watches, including a R200 000 Cartier Roadster and a Breitling valued at R70 000, were also part of the divorce war. But the husband told the court that the timepieces were his for keeps because he had received them as gifts from the president s daughter.
According to court papers, the couple disagreed over the use of the family trust account, and the husband accused the wife of withdrawing nearly R100 000 from it without his permission. The documents also showed that the couple were able to afford the help of two qualified nurses to help them in their homes. In his affidavit, the husband disputed claims by the wife that one of the causes of their divorce was because of infidelity that led to his fathering a child out of wedlock.
He said the allegations that he fathered a child with his ex-girlfriend while married to the president s daughter caused a lot of friction in both our extended families, resulting in frequent disputes and the breakdown of marriage The husband said his other sin was that he secretly bought his exgirlfriend and mother of his two kids a property to home them. But Zuma s daughter was miffed because this was done without her knowledge and permission. He also said the refusal of his wife to accept his kids from a previous relationship was one of the causes for his troubled marriage. ”My wife was physically and mentally abusive to me, regularly and throughout the marriage”, read the husband s affidavit.
”Last February, before I left the common home for the first separation, the applicant destroyed my entire wardrobe of clothing, including cutting off the sleeves of each suit I owned, damaging my shoes to make them unwearable, cutting my ties in half, cutting my jeans, vandalising my shirts, sweaters and other items. I returned in September 2015, after the intervention of our families. I then left again in February 2016 because our marriage could not be saved’.
The husband also disputed the wife s demands for maintenance, stating she has overstated our standard of living, particularly with regard to expenditure on clothing, shoes, overseas trips and the frequency and standard of overseas travel.
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