Poet Ntsiki Mazwai trended on Twitter this past weekend for what she does best – voicing her controversial opinions. She wrote in her blog that the last time she defended Bonang Matheba for the domestic abuse accusations Matheba had made against Euphonik, the DJ attacked her, but it seems he kept quiet this time around.
Mazwai took to Twitter to lash out at DJ Euphonik for calling Matheba “Hlanyos” in a Twitter rant earlier this month. In a series of tweets, he went for Bonang, only referring to her as Slikour’s ex and the Queen. The seven-part tweets got him trending for hours. Euphonik swore at everyone who said he was jealous of Matheba’s relationship with AKA.
It was these tweets that led to Mazwai calling Euphonik a bully, also lashing out at people on Twitter who laughed at his tweets and commended him for the #NONKE T-shirt he created out of it.
“Dj Euphonik taught the youth to say im dirty and to call Bonang Hlanyos……….WHAT A MAN! AND THEN you idiots even celebrate NONKE,” she tweeted.
She said South Africans were celebrating “the poster boy of domestic violence”, who according to her is also a broken man who likes attacking women with strong personalities. “Levels of abuse against women are being held up by you and your euphonik….the girl beater. i see.”
Mazwai’s rant follows a blog post she penned on Saturday, sharing her thoughts on the AKA, DJ Zinhle and Bonang Matheba saga, and again defending DJ Euphonik’s ex-girlfriend Matheba.
Weighing in on the controversy, Mazwai said she did not understand why Twitter had been attacking Matheba because, according to her, she was not to blame for AKA’s cheating ways.
“The fact that AKA cheated on Zinhle is not Bonang’s problem. That issue is between AKA and Zinhle. We were never there… in fact we were abruptly introduced to their relationship and very soon afterwards Zinhle was pregnant,” she wrote.
She said AKA never seemed excited about his relationship with DJ Zinhle as he never posted any pictures of the two together, but was, however, excited about his relationship with Matheba and “none of us can deny the fact that he is kinda obsessed with Bonang”.
Mazwai accused DJ Zinhle of using the rift between her and her baby daddy to separate him and his mother, Lynn Forbes. But Forbes denied the allegations on Twitter, saying Zinhle had never said anything negative about AKA to her and, in fact, had always encouraged her to have a relationship with her son’s new girlfriend, Matheba.
“At some point Zinhle needs to own up to the fact that her fairytale did not work out. There are many women whose fairytales did not work out….it does not make her a failure.”
Source :Citizen