Speaking on a wide range of issues about her life, Ranaka, known for not mincing her words, said she was "on an alcohol and intercourse fast" when asked about the man in her life.
"I don't go around looking for men. I'm a mom, for crying out loud, I have to be exemplary to my kids. If a man wants me, he has to find me.
"Dineo has done a 180 degrees of a personal transformation, see, I'm not even wearing make-up because I don't see myself as a celeb."
Ranaka (32) has previously been in a relationship with rap star BlackLez and has been romantically linked to sushi king Kenny Kunene.
She has two children: a six-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter.
"I'm more centred. I'm a career woman. I own a production house and I'm presently putting together a concept for a new lifestyle TV show.
"I'm focussing more on the positive attributes of my life, like going back to the values, I'm proud of growing up, learning, building a family because there is no substitute for wisdom, you need it to succeed. I'm a lot more mature after entering my 30s."
Ranaka said after all the drama she has been through in her life, she has stayed strong because of prayer.
"I'm a God-fearing woman. I pray. I still have both my parents who have helped me raise my kids. They made me a better parent. I don't see myself as a single parent. I have my flaws. I'm imperfect but I was born to be excellent in all that I do," she said.

Researching trends

Talking about her reality TV show Dineo's Diary, which is aired on Vuzu Amp, she said when she first created the show she did not anticipate its success.
"It has actually surprised me how it has been well-received. I researched reality show trends in the US and saw a market. There was interest and demand for reality shows locally because of the popularity of the overseas versions.
"I tested the waters and I tested myself and pitched the idea. They told me to 'be careful of what you ask for' as the show would reveal the real Dineo because I'm often misunderstood.
"Granted, where there's smoke, there's fire but sometimes the magnitude of the fire is exaggerated, especially because I'm always on TV or radio."
About leaving the e.tv Friday night music show Club 808, she said the parting was amicable.
"I cannot force myself to stay in a space that I've outgrown. I move to other platforms. When it comes to Mzansi Magic's All Access, the contract was not renewed as the new producers had their own ideas about what they wanted the show to look like, it was not about Proverb or Nandi (Mngoma).
"It's a natural progression. I can't commit to radio forever. I have an independent entrepreneurial spirit. I can't do everything at the same time."
Ranaka said the new lifestyle show she was producing would be about a variety of issues including "relationships, how to be yourself, parenting, romance and personal finance".