The all new cast and characters of Isidingo include – new kid on the block, Obakeng “Mlahlwa” Bhengu, played by popular and charismatic muso and TV star Anga Makubalo, who upon his arrival in HD gets a job on Sibeko Gold’s Ultra Deep mine as a rock driller. He is your quintessential ‘rebel without a cause’, brooding loner who has deep roots in the town that not even he is aware of.
Alongside him is Morongwa Kau, played by striking newcomer Soso Rungqu, who is a feisty, alluring temptress who plies her trade as a welder in the Ultra Deep.
The addition of mine-shift leader Joseph Matlala, played by versatile character actor Robert Mpisi, who has more influence in the cavernous bowels of the underground than people are aware of, rounds out this electrifying new mining cast.
Another raw and provocative addition to the cast is Kamogelo Tsotetsi, played by the fiery Makgotso M, who enters as Lerato’s naughty and rebellious younger sister, sure to stir things up in the Matabane Household. Aphiwe Nzimande, played by the radiant Khanya Mkangisa, is a returning favourite, soon to be embroiled in a combustible love triangle that is going to have serious ripple effects on Horizon Deep’s community.
Bongi Ndaba, Isidingo’s Head of Story, explains how the show will be true to its roots but also take bold new directions: “After 18 years of drama in a competitive television sphere, Isidingo has always taken leaps in story. 2016 is taking our stories in fresh, edgy, fearless, but most of all, ‘mind-provoking’ entertainment. With a big cast it’s always a challenge, but we have reworked characters, our cast is challenged in exciting ways. The Writers are excited to elevate this show to better heights than it has been”.
Senior Story-liner Linda Bere adds, “Isidingo has come of age and so are the stories we are telling. Add a stellar cast and you have a recipe for moving, top of the shelf entertainment. Exciting times ahead!”.
Be sure to tune into Isidingo @ 7PM every Monday to Friday on SABC3