Former Kwaito star Nomasonto “Mshoza” Maswanganyi almost lost her life recently to the hands of an ex lover who allegedly beat her up so bad she thought she was dying.
“My nails were broken and bleeding from being dragged back to the bedroom and holding on to ceramic tiles,” Mshoza tells DRUM in an exclusive interview.
Mshoza says the trouble started over a picture sent to her now ex-boyfriend. The picture was of her and another ex-boyfriend taken in the car that the abuser had bought for her. She admits she lied about not knowing the ex-boyfriend when her lover asked her about him. “Obviously as a scared person I lied.  The only condition he gave me when he gave me the car was that no other man was allowed inside it. The picture was taken 9 months before the incident. We were both seeing other people” She said.
Then one early August evening last year. a day after her lover’s birthday, everything changed. “He was drinking and I kept wondering what was going on since he isn’t a heavy drinker”, she recalls. “I quickly stepped out and on my return, all hell broke loose. He asked me and when I was about to answer I felt the first punch on my face. He is this strong, tall and huge person and I am tiny. I really thought he was going to kill me. I begged him to stop. I begged for forgiveness”.
The two were not alone that night. His brother’s and cousins were in in the house but did not come to help. Although she was n_aked, Mshoza managed to run outside. “I was out of my mind. I was not even aware that I was n_aked”
After the beating Mshoza reveals that her ex locked her up in their bedroom for days and she never went to a hospital to get any help.
“I really thought he was going to kill me. I begged him to stop,” an emotional Mshoza tells DRUM.

Source : Drum