1. Okay here is a direct question to are u saying to us u will no longer be performing at EFF events?
  2. EFF leaders buy music, play your music & been to your shows. Because its content doesn't isolate us! Now should we boycott u?
  3. The mistake makes is to think being a conscious rapper means boycotting political parties u don't support. It's Unartistic!
  4. All South Africans, regardless of party affiliation buy music. Why boycott them just because they are EFF?
  5. I hav no problem with membership of ANC. I support the right to affiliate. But why boycott EFF when many fighters buy yo music
  6. The point is not for artists to choose sides, because their music which in case is really not political. U hav fans in EFF too
  7. Now let's attend to who says he will not perform in EFF events anymore. I awaited a reaction, but not so anti-intellectual