A man who was robbed after stopping to pray on the side of the R300 on Tuesday night died when he was hit by a car as he chased the robbery suspect.
The suspect was also injured.
Western Cape Traffic chief Kenny Africa said two men who were driving on the R300 pulled over their bakkie near Jakes Gerwel Drive to pray when the alleged thief moved in. He said the suspect grabbed a bag from the bakkie and ran away.
Africa said one of the men from the parked bakkie gave chase and both the man and the suspect were then hit by a passing car.
“The guy from the bakkie was hit and killed by a passing vehicle while chasing the robber, who got seriously injured,” he said.
Transport and Public Works MEC Donald Grant said: “We do have an N2-R300 safety plan. Most problems happen when drivers stop on the road, that’s why we always say do not stop unless it’s an emergency,” he added. Similar incidents last year had prompted officials to intensify their operations on the R300 and the N2.
Source : iol