It’s been three years since Mafikizolo’s Theo Kgosinkwe shut down rumours surrounding his sexuality‚ but he has once again revealed the pain that the rumours brought‚ and how it made him want to leave the industry.

Speaking to TMG Entertainment recently‚ Theo reflected on that period and the darkness it brought into his life.
“It nearly broke me. It used to affect me really badly and at one stage I thought maybe I should even leave the industry.”
He said that he was most concerned about how his young children would react to the rumours and tried to shield them from it.
“I didn’t want my kids to go through all of that but luckily they are young and unfazed by it‚” he said.
Theo said his Christian beliefs helped him get through the ordeal. “My Christian roots grounded me. I remembered that Jesus too was accused with unfounded accusations and that he could get me through this. It was in my hope that I gained my strength. As long as I know who I am‚” he said.
It’s this belief in himself and his abilities that has helped him from the very start of his career.
The good news is that Theo has left all of that in the past and remains focused on taking his career to greater heights.
“At the end of the day it is all about selling yourself and your passions. If you wake up looking forward to doing what you love each day then you will become a success. When you see the value in yourself‚ others will see the value in you‚” he added.
Source: sundayworld