A man who goes by the name of Thabani Mbatha (57) from KwaMashu, C-section, claims to be Zakes’ biological father and is dying to meet him.
Thabani says he only wants to make things right with his son and introduce him to the eMambatheni ancestors and nothing else. Move! contacted the Wasting My Time hit-maker to hear his side of the story but he was not available for comment. His manager only known as Dannie said, “Everything that man told you is not true. I don’t know where he gets that from. That is a lie!”
But Thabani insists that he’s Zake’s father. “Zakes is my child and that will never change. His late mother apparently didn’t tell the truth,” says Thabani. “I am really eager to meet my son to make things right. I want him to use the right surname.” Thabani alleges that he spoke to Zakes in 2010 about the matter. “I called him once in 2010 to arrange a meeting but I won’t call again because I am not begging him for anything. “I am doing this to help him in case he encounters problems in the future. I don’t want him to struggle while I am still alive. I want to meet him and discuss this issue before it’s too late.”
One of Zakes’ aunts claimed she knew about Thabani but nobody wanted to say anything to Zakes. Zakes Bantwini’s alleged father Thabani Mbatha is desperate to meet his son so that he can help the muso to reconnect with his ancestors and use the correct surname “They also agreed to meet with me for Zakes’ sake because it is alleged that Zakes’ life is not as glorious as it seems.”
According to newspaper reports one of the aunts wished that Zakes would meet with Thabani and attend a cleansing ceremony because Zakes makes a lot of money but he doesn’t know where it goes. One of the aunts also reportedly said that very often Zakes would call home to ask for money from them.
Thabani, who is a truck driver, tells Move! that he used to work as a DJ and he met Zakes’ late mother Thandi at an event in KwaMashu F-section because she was also into music. He says when they met, she told him that she had another child from her previous relationship. He alleges they got to know each other and started dating. As the relationship blossomed, Zakes’ mother apparently fell pregnant with Zakes.
But the man from her previous relationship apparently came back into her life and paid lobola for her.As a result, Zake’s mother allegedly separated with Thabani while she was pregnant with Zakes and moved on with her life.
Source : Move!