KWAITO star and actor, Zola 7, is haunted by demons!
That claim comes from friends of the star.
They allege “Zola 7”, real name Bonginkosi Dlamini, is scared to sleep at home because someone is trying to bewitch him.
They said the Ghetto Scandalous hitmaker fears a witchcraft threat to his home in Melville, Jozi.
One of his friends said Zola 7 has hired a full-time security guard to watch over him.
“It’s sad what’s happening to Zola 7. He can only sleep in the wee hours of the morning. Then, he sleeps the whole day as he has problems sleeping at night.
“He says a demon strangles him in the dark,” said the source.
Another source claimed Zola 7 makes people sleep in the studio to make him feel safe.
“He claimed to have found razor blades and needles outside his yard. He feels someone is out to get him.
“A friend confirmed seeing a red car outside his home in the early hours of the morning,” said the source.
The source added Zola 7 was fired from Utatakho because he chased the driver away who had come to pick him up because he was sleeping during the day.
Said the source: “Zola 7 doesn’t like to be disturbed in his sleep. He makes sure he drowns his sorrows with booze at night. He loves his ngudu as it makes him forget his fears.”
Zola 7 confirmed one day he found razor blades and candles outside his yard.
He said: “I was away. At around 1am my friend, who was going to my studio, saw those witches. They were driving in a red car and my friends recognised one guy. I know him.”
Zola 7 said he hired the security guards to protect his house because there were thugs who wanted to broke in.
“There are thugs who goes around breaking into people’s properties in Mellville,” he said.
Source : Daily Sun