The Southern African Music Rights Organisation (Samro) is composing an album of criminal records for Trompies member Eugene Mthethwa.

The veteran kwaito star is being investigated for fraud after he allegedly fraudulently obtained a university bursary from the organisation for his 19-year-old daughter. He is not disputing the accusation.
It was alleged that Mthethwa passed off his daughter as his late brother's child in order to gain advantage.
Samro has threatened to press criminal charges against the kwaito legend if they could ascertain that he committed the offence.
Samro general manager for marketing, Tiyane Maluleke confirmed that they were probing allegations of fraud against Mthethwa.
"Samro has noted the allegations that have been made against Mr Mthethwa and will investigate the validity of the claims made. If it is found that Mr Mthethwa has defrauded the organisation, the necessary legal steps will be taken," she said.
It is alleged that Mthethwa encouraged his daughter to apply for a bursary from Samro in 2013. Mthethwa, who was a member of the Samro board at the time, begged the organisation to award the bursary to his daughter, claiming that she was an orphan.
When contacted by Sunday World this week, Mthethwa admitted that he lied to Samro to secure university funds for his daughter but said it was not a bursary but a loan.
"Samro doesn't give bursaries to ordinary South African citizens. They introduced a scheme where they award loans to needy students who don't have money to pay for their tuition fees. I applied for a loan on her behalf and they gave it to her.
"So when I realised that the loan they wanted to give to her was not going to cover the tuition fees, I told them that she is the daughter of my brother who passed on and they gave her an extra loan. I'm the one who is going to pay back that loan so there shouldn't be a problem," he said.
Asked if he knew of the fraud investigations against him Mthethwa broke into laughter and said: "My brother I did what I had to do. I don't think I committed any fraud, let's say I maneuvered."
News of Mathethwa's alleged fraud was revealed by a source who is privy to his private life and theongoing maintenance battle between him and his baby mama.
The baby mama has dragged Mthethwa to the Randburg Magistrate's Court after complaining that the musician, who apparently is leading a good life, was more than R42000 in arrears after failing to pay R1500 a month in maintenance since 2013. They will square off on May 18.
The mole said the baby mama was going to tell the court that Mthethwa pulled the wool over the public's eye when he said he did not pay maintenance for his daughter because he was paying her tuition fees.
"His ex is going to argue in court that the tuition fees didn't come directly from his pocket and that it was a bursary he fraudulently obtained from Samro. What I learnt is that Samro has already started gathering information and conducting investigations into the whole matter and are likely to be subpoenaed to testify in court," said the source.
The baby mama declined to comment.
"Whoever wants to hear my side of the story must come to court," she said.