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Kim K reveals Kanye gave her a $35,000 gold Cartier Panthere bracelet for her birthday

On Thursday, Kim Kardashian took to her website, to tell her readers that her husband, Kanye West gifted her an elegant yellow gold Panthere de Cartier bracelet that cost $35,000 for her birthday in 2012. In a short video clip she posted, she said:

'I cherish it and am obsessed with it,' She added that her husband also gave her her very first Balmain dress.
Kim's clip began:
'Here I am in Florence the night of my birthday, which is on October 21. And Kanye was giving me my birthday present. He got me that Cartier Panthere bracelet that I cherish and am obsessed with.' The bracelet is made from 18K yellow gold, lacquer, tsavorite garnet and onyx. 'And this was my first Blamain dress, this bright blue dress. I was so excited to have this dress I wore it to the Angel Ball a week later,'
Then she shared the picture above of her wearing her blue Balmain dress in the photo above.

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