Gloves are off and the war has been declared between controversial businessman Kenny Kunene and founders of the dating website Blesserfinder.

This after Kunene, popularly known as the Sushi King, criticised the blesser-blessee phenomenon that is sweeping through South Africa, labelling it pure prostitution during a TV show.
The website owners hit back at Kunene claiming that he was against the trending Blesser concept because he was now broke and can't afford to be a blesser like he used to.
Kunene noted the attack on him but downplayed it saying he does not take them serious.
"I'm not going to respond to them. I'm aware of their attacks," he said.
The runners of the website, who said their business was to help solicit relationships for rich old men looking to spend their money on young girls, lambasted Kunene on their Facebook page two days after he discredited their initiative on TV.
They said Kunene, a former school teacher and convict, claimed that he was against the concept because he no longer can afford to play in that league.
"Kenny Kunene told Checkpoint that he is now against blessers. He forgot to tell them that it is because he is now broke," they posted.
But Kunene kept his cool and chose not to respond to the post.
Some of the surfers who are Facebook friends of the Blesserfinder page took the liberty to take potshots at Kunene.
Thash Ngobese threw the first punch at Kunene. "A broke man can say anything out of desperation. Maybe he needs a blesser as well," he posted.
Lindiwe Morey wrote: "Kenny Kunene can't afford to bless like he used to, now he's out here sounding like a reformed sinner."
Koketso Kekana posted: "Poverty will humble you - you will end up speaking gibberish."
"No more Sushi King. He is now King of Mogodu," wrote Ayanda Mlu Memela.
Kunene, who used to own one of South Africa's trendiest bar lounges 'ZAR' based at Radisson Blu hotel in Sandton, has opened a new restaurant in Rivonia, north of Joburg, which operates like a chesanyama.
Nomsa Khanye lambasted Kunene and said he was no longer a tycoon like he used to be "He just wants relevance coz seka wile," she posted.