Hot on the heels of hogging headlines over the past few days after comparing young women who keep ‘blessers’ to prostitutes‚ Kenny Kunene’s astonishing u-turn on the ways of his past can be attributed to the ‘queen’ of his life.

Kenny has once again found himself dominating headlines for spicy comments he made on live television earlier this week comparing young women who enter into agreements with ‘blessers’ as prostitutes.
Speaking to TMG Entertainment on Wednesday‚ Kenny came out guns blazing against the growing sexual phenomenon‚ explaining that his shocking change of lifestyle has everything to do with his girlfriend who has stolen his heart.
“Three or four years ago I met my current girlfriend‚ who I plan to marry before the end of the year. She woke me up and literally changed my life. I was left speechless by this young woman who defines herself and doesn’t let my money define her.”
Kenny added that even though his girlfriend does not need to work‚ she insists on finishing her university degree and will not accept him doing things for her. “She is not a liker of things and in the beginning when I tried to do things for her‚ she would just refuse‚” Kenny says.
The former Sushi King told TMG Entertainment that he cannot wait to take her to the alter‚ and that South Africas can expect the wedding of the decade by the end of the year.
“I’m in a hurry to marry this woman but she is in no hurry‚ she wants to finish her studies this year and then work in the business. After using so many women over the years I can tell you‚ she is the boss of the Sushi King now.”
Reflecting on his colourful past Kenny admitted to turning many girls into ‘prostitutes’ over the years.
“I apologise to all those girls who I directly or indirectly bought for sex. I realise that I was a pimp and that I turned countless girls into prostitutes.”
In the past Kenny has had up to 15 girlfriends at a time and saw nothing wrong with his lifestyle.
Kenny recalled how he would spend up to R40 000 a time in exchange for sex.
“People call it being a blesser but I call it a transactional deal because that’s what it was. Buying fancy shoes‚ designer clothes‚ and splurging on nights of partying all in exchange for one thing – sex.”