SPEAKING at a business dinner only hours after addressing his supporters at a packed Orlando Stadium, Julius Malema told guests that he is often scolded for speaking out of tune.
At a gala dinner at MonteCasino in Fourways on Saturday night, where he and other leaders swapped their red overalls for evening suits, Malema said he was mindful of the EFF becoming a one-man party.
He said the organisation must guard against becoming another PAC, which disintegrated after the death of Robert Sobukwe.
“I am blessed to be surrounded by great men and women in this organisation. They sometimes call me to order like when I spoke about the R6 billion with the Guptas,” said Malema.
He pleaded with business people at the dinner to donate money to his party. He said they were not asking for much, just as little as R1 000 per month to keep the organisation going. The dinner allegedly raised R2,2 million.
“We need money. I’m scared white people may capture this organisation,” he said.
Earlier, at Orlando Stadium, Malema said black people now have a political home away from the ANC.
“There is no one who can stop the power of the black nation,” said Malema to roaring applause.
He warned President Zuma about using the army as he did in the 2014 general elections.
“I am whispering to you, Zuma, those soldiers are going to turn their guns against you.
“Be warned, leave office before the soldiers turn their guns on you.”
Malema boasted they had managed to fill the stadium, unlike the ANC which failed to fill the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.
He said there were only two parties that should contest the elections, the EFF and ANC.
He labelled the other political parties merely Mickey Mouse parties.