Gigaba is a name worth fighting for. And two ladies are battling it out. They both want to be Mrs Gigaba!
It is understood that Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba has a problem – a war between his gorgeous current wife Norma, and his shapely former spouse Nokuthaba (friends call her Thabo). A source said that Norma was keeping her distance from her hubby’s ex. But things came to a head when she dropped her “computer name” Mrs Gigabyte. She tried to register herself as Mrs Gigaba on Instagram – only to be rejected. The source said : “Instagram informed her the name was already taken, and there was no room  for a second Mrs Gigaba”
Sources close to the situation say both Thabo and Norma post on other social media pages as Mrs Gigaba. And one insider said Thabo insists she’s the original Mrs Gigaba – she was there first, and is here to stay. “Thabo even introduces and refers to herself as “THE Mrs Gigaba,” said the source.
This mole said Thabo changed her name three times already this year. “But the last straw was changing it to Mrs Gigaba. It doesn’t end there! Thabo, who survived a mild stroke, is not willing to back down, Her first stroke was shortly after Malusi’s wedding to Norma” said the source. According to one of Thabo’s comrades, they worry about her. “I suspect she’s not over him. I know they have a child together but it’s a bit too much now.  She always plays victim, saying Norma stole her man.”
When called for comment, a calm Norma said she isn’t interested in entertaining insignificant issues. “At the end of the day I’m the only Mrs Gigaba,” she said before hanging up. Gigaba could not be reached for comment.
Source : Sunday Sun