Finally AKA gives reasons why he will never do Fill Up a stadium or Dome , I was one of those people keep writing articles about AKA to #FillUpFNB But to day I give him a Bells well explain what are his plans about his career in music.   He prefers to take rap to eKasi to his followers with  #SupaMegaShow 

  1. PERSONALLY, filling up a stadium once or twice a year is not a sustainable business model for me ... So stop asking me about it.
  3. I want a SUSTAINABLE TOURING SOLUTION ... #SupaMegaShow will become the NORM, and not the exception, and that's MY business.
  4. I have a format and a plan that fits MY business model and gets me closer to my goals.
  5. Let #FillUp etc be another man's dream .... Not mine.
  6. Guys .... Everybody doesn't have to have the same dream. For ME, no point in performing at the dome one week and at a chesa nyama the next.