TV personality Khanyi Mbau’s controversial past was thrown into the spotlight yet again this week after some social media users labelled her a former ‘blessee’ for her relationship with Mandla Mthembu.

Queen of bling Khanyi Mbau married a 50-something old Mandla Mthembu at barely 20 years of age. Even her 2009 brief fling, Theunis Crous (54), was no spring chicken.

The growing trend of young women entering into relationships with wealthy men who have been labelled ‘blessers’ created a stir this week with Kenny Kunene comparing the women to prostitutes on national television.
Kenny’s spicy comments sparked widespread debate among people who rushed to social media to express their opinions on the topic.
Khanyi‚ who was once a “self-confessed” gold-digger herself‚ got trolled by some users who labelled her a blesee — someone who is on the receiving end of the relationship.
The talk show host hit back strongly to set the record straight on these accusations.
In a barrage of tweets Khanyi explained that people need to get their facts straight because Mandla was not her blesser but her husband.
“He can’t be a blesser if I was his wife‚” Khanyi said in one tweet.

'He can’t be a blesser if I was his wife': Khanyi Mbau.