Emtee has had some pretty impactful collaborations, but to be honest he’s yet to collaborate with a rapper from the Top 10 South african MC’s list on their piece of material.

Following a tweet sent out recently, it seem like that’s going to change, and it’s a really unexpected change. Emtee says that he is planning to collaborate with Cassper Nyovest.

Contrary to people’s belief that Emtee would never collaborate withCassper Nyovest due to his relationship with AKA, it seems as those assumptions are 100% false. We also though the same thing about Nasty C featuring with AKA, but we were also proven wrong. I wonder if AKA would have anything to say about this since he is Emtee’s mentor, but then again, this could’ve been his advice… Regardless, this is going to be one fire collaboration man.