Muvhango actors in a fist fight for Mona Monyane

They say Doctor Malapo cheats on James with Ndalamo. That is on Muvhango but she has a problem in real life.
A knock down , drag out fight between two men over the doctor. She’s played by gorgeous Mona Monyane, and the males who battled over her are former Zabalaza actor Khulu Skenjana and The Road actor Austin Shandu. Multiple witnesses saw the drama explode at a restaurant in Jozi’s trendy Melville area.
One witness told the team, , “it was not a fight, but an assault. Khulu was the aggressor, beating up Austin. Another source said Khulu and Dr Malapo were enjoying a quiet evening out. “This couple was having drinks and behaving affectionately. Then Austin arrived, and later spoke to Mona while Khulu was out of the room. Khulu came back in and saw the two talking. He spoke to Austin for a moment. Whatever Austin said made him lose his temper – and Khulu started beating beating the living hell out of Austin’, said the witness.
A third eyewitness said the men were arguing over the lovely Muvhango medic. “Khulu was fuming and floored Austin with a powerful jab. Poor Austin fell down.’ said the source. This witness went on to say : ‘Restaurant bouncers separated the two men. And poor Dr Molapo seemed very embarrassed’. A well placed showbiz insider alleged Mona Monyane is three months pregnant. The source says staff suspect Khulu is the baby daddy.
This is not the first time Dr Molapo was the reason for ugly scenes off-camera. In early February, it was alleged she had been cheating on Khulu with actor and model Joe Kazadi. Khulu refused to comment on the matter and hung up the phone. He also failed to respond to email and SMSes.
When contacted for comment, Mona also refused to be drawn into the issues.
After being asked to comment, Mona just said, : ‘Ag man,’ she said before slamming the phone.
Efforts to solicit comment were unsuccessful as she ignored our calls. Austin could not be reached for comment.
Source : Sunday Sun