DJ Sbu may have once claimed to be “broke AF” but he says that his wealth is not found in popping bottles and nice cars‚ but in the people whose lives he’s touched.

In what may be seen as a thinly-veiled jab at artists in the music industry at the moment‚ the DJ said that he’s lived the high life but found more value in helping others.

“For me‚ it means nothing to see you popping bottles and driving fancy cars. I’ve also had the experiences of having all of those things‚ and of living in nice houses and travelling. It means nothing to me. But what I respect is the kind of heart that you possess. What work are you doing that is of significance in helping change other people’s lives for the better?” he said in a video posted on social media.

In the series of videos‚ the popular media personality and businessman gave a lengthy interview on his inspirations and where he draws his wealth from.

“I believe that I am wealthy because my life plays a role of significance in society. It makes a difference in other peoples lives. Will Smith said it better. He said: ‘If you’re not living your life to make other people’s lives better‚ then you’re wasting your time’’‚” Sbu said.

If you need anymore inspiration‚ check out these videos of DJ Sbu reflecting on the value of his work and family.