Hip-hop star AKA seems to be fed up with 'boxing experts' on social media constantly giving him tips.

Sometimes in life there are thing you need to ignore, but this boy look like he keep his month shut, but the funny part his so called girlfriend is Bonang is fixing other people relationships but can't help AKA.

Ten months after confirming their split a fuming AKA has come out guns blazing against DJ Zinhle breaking his silence about events that have gone on behind closed doors.

The rapper's dramatic tell-all Twitter rant comes just days after DJ Zinhle's home was featured on national television, which distinctly showed off pictures of AKA and his mom in her house.

AKA's decision to break his silence also seems to have been fuelled by a picture of DJ Zinhle wearing one of Euphonik's 'Nonke' t-shirts which went viral on Thursday.

In the stinging sermon, AKA lambasted Zinhle saying that he is done with being silent.

The Baddest star labelled Zinhle's recent moves as "petty," and "unnecessary."

"Why are there pictures of myself and my mother in her house? And why does she make a point of showing it on TV? Where is HER mother? Why are there so many pictures of my mother on Instagram .... And none of her own mother? It's weird. Let go. Please," he tweeted.

AKA also came out strongly to defend Bonang, who he says has never spoken out despite facing a barrage of insults for months.