Bob Mabena (born 1969) is a South African radio and television personality known for hosting a wide variety of television shows and for his radio tenures

Bob Mabena has dismissed reports that he is blessing a woman, who allegedly is his mistress.
As if those claims were not bad enough, Sunday papers reported that the woman claimed he is a “stingy blesser” and kicked him to the curb as a result. 
Bob says when he first heard the reports, he just wanted to laugh at how ridiculous the accusation was.
Speaking to Power FM this week, he says he decided to address the false reports with his wife Eucharist, who gave birth to a baby boy in February, after things became awkward at home.
“I said, 'look, we can laugh it off... but this is just not right. We both need to agree...  how it affected us, and how we move forward, and only then, after we've really talked about it, we’ll be okay’,” he said.

Bob added that while talking about the claims on his radio show on Tuesday, the woman called in to apologise to him and his wife.
She claims she told the journalist behind the scandalous report that there was no truth to the claims.
The woman apparently admitted on-air that she had never met the Kaya FM hos