RAPPER Linda “Pro” Mkhize is in hot water.
Apparently he’s ducking and diving to avoid Soweto’s Obed Rankoko, whose car allegedly he bumped into early last year.
Obed said he is tired of playing the waiting game with the lyricist and wants him to pay up to cover costs for fixing his car.
“In March last year I was inside my car at OZone, in Tladi, Soweto. Pro’s black Mercedes-Benz ML bumped into my car. He was driving, with a woman beside him,” he claimed.
Obed told the People’s Paper the Uthini Ngo Pro hitmaker begged him not to get police involved and promised that as soon as he gave him a quote of how much it would cost to fix the car, he’d give him the money.
“I went to a mechanic and he said to fix the side mirror, bumper and fender would cost R3 800.
“I then contacted Pro more than 20 times. At first he was
co-operative, but then he stopped taking my calls.

“I parked my car while I waited for him to pay.
“But in the end I had to get the car repaired – because I need it,” Obed said.
According to Obed, this matter is causing him sleepless night. “Celebrities think they can get away with such issues, just because they appear on TV.
“All I want is my money back. Is that too much to ask for?
“I’ve waited for over a year to get the matter out in the open, hoping Pro will do right by me.
“But clearly he’s not moving his fingers because it’s my car that got damaged,” he said.
He said he has learnt his lesson and told the SunTeam: “If this should happen again, and I have such an encounter with a celebrity, I’ll know what to do. Next time, I’m going straight to the cop shop.”
Efforts to get comment from Pro were unsuccessful as his phone was off. He also failed to respond to our SMSes.