SABELO claims his mum is trying to kill him because he’s trying to do the right thing.
“I can’t allow my mum to sleep with different men while I’m in the house,” said Sabelo Ngwenya (25), from Emndeni, Soweto.
But Joyce Ngwenya (43) said she won’t let her son ruin her sex life.
“He fights every man I have,” said Joyce.
“My children can’t tell me who I should or shouldn’t bring to the house.”
Sabelo said the trouble started when his mum brought a young boyfriend to the house.
“He was my age but I was not allowed to do anything in the house without asking him. I couldn’t allow that,” said Sabelo.
He said six months later his mum brought in an older lover. But now Sabelo claims his mother wants to kill him.
Last Tuesday four young men allegedly forced open the door of his shack and beat him with sticks and sjamboks.
On Thursday night his mum allegedly drove over him in her car after he left a tavern.
When he arrived home his angry mum allegedly threw a bottle at him and pushed him into the street. A passing Metro cop car picked him up and took him to hospital where he was treated for a broken arm. Joyce said she hates her son. “Even if he dies today I won’t go to his funeral.”
Joyce denied driving over Sabelo but said when Sabelo came back home bleeding, she chased him out of the yard.
Cop spokesman Lieutenant Kay Makhubela said Joyce opened a case of malicious damage to property, while Sabelo laid assault charges against his mum. “Police are investigating but no arrests have been made,” he said.