“The mistake AKA makes is to think being a conscious rapper means boycotting political parties u don’t support,” Ndlozi tweeted.
All hell broke loose on Twitter, this time involving all the powerhouses of twars. Kiernan “AKA” Forbes has been tweeting a lot about politics lately, saying the burning of education institutions is politically fuelled. AKA, openly an ANC supporter, has been encouraging his fans to “wake up”, read more about politics and “analyse” what has been going on, instead of running with whatever information they are given.
AKA again took to Twitter on Friday to tell his fans he would no longer be performing at opposition party events, without specifically mentioning which ones, a comment that was met with anger from the EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndlozi. Ndlozi responded to AKA, saying he had no problem with AKA’s political affiliation but felt that it was not right for him to choose sides because his music is not political and he should know he has fans in the EFF too. He then accused AKA of wanting to boycott EFF events, an accusation that AKA denied, saying all he said was that he would no longer perform at their events because he was an ANC member.
Ndlozi further told AKA to stay out of politics, a comment that did not sit well with Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula. In a series of tweets, Mbalula defended AKA, saying artists were not divorced from society and its realities. He said in fact, artists played an important role in the fight against apartheid, asking what would have happened had they been told to just focus on their music.
“Nonke: put some respect on the rights for our artists to express themselves, even if not favorable to us in leadership,” he tweeted.
However, it was again the word “leadership” that invited Malema into the conversation. Malema said AKA was wrong to say the EFF leadership was against him, adding that Ndlozi responded to AKA’s tweets in his private capacity and it had nothing to do with the EFF.
AKA insisted he was right in saying the EFF leadership was against him because Ndlozi held a leadership position in the party.
Source : Citizen