A Canadian tourist named Kristina Smith, traveled to a sacred spot in the upper east region of Paga, Ghana, for a nerve wrecking photo-op with a six foot long crocodile. Kristina heard about the location known as the 'Paga Crocodile Pond' from locals and decided to try her luck since she was assured that she would be safe.

Describing her experience, she said, 
"At the front entrance, I was greeted by a few local men and paid my respects to the elder gentlemen.
I was taken by two young men, one who was holding a chicken in his hand. The pond was in a large empty area and you could see the faint outline of crocodiles, enjoying the water on the hot, dusty day. One guide let out a high-pitched whistle that got the attention of two crocs. One crocodile was faster than the other, and was the first out of the water. It's reward was the poor chicken as a meal.

After that, the crocodile was ready for the photo opportunity and proved to be a gracious photo partner. I was terrified but assured by the guides it was safe. This was my first time that up close and personal with such an animal." See more photos from the photo opportunity below..