Despite being married to the super-rich Dr. Tshepo Motsepe-Ramaphosa‚ South Africa’s second citizen‚ Cyril Ramaphosa‚ is being sought after by a blessee on Blesser Finder’s Facebook page.

Andiswa Lutando Pokolwana said that she loves and believes that Blesser Finder can do magic — this before she announced on Monday that she wants Deputy President Ramaphosa.
“I want Cyril Ramaphosa; I don’t know where I can meet him. Just give me a green light ndi-serious (I’m serious). Any law abiding citizen who know a thing about him. Ndifuna (I want) senior citizens‚” posted Pokolwana.
The Ramaphosas have four children together.
In a twist‚ another post on Blesser’s Facebook contained a plea from a third-year university student who wanted help to pay her tuition fees without having to have sex with or date the blesser.
“Hi‚ Can I ask? It is possible to get a Blesser‚ who can help me without wanting us to date or have sex? I am a 3rd year varsity student who is struggling financially‚ my parents have paid for this semester but next semester (my final semester) they won’t afford so I might drop out. I’m so worried because I’m almost done‚” said the blessee‚ whose details were not disclosed.
The blessee said that she can’t get a bursary because she is not studying at a public institution.
“So I’m really requesting for someone who can help pay for the rest of my fees. In return I work for them on weekends. In that way they can even introduce me to their wives because we not doing anything…” said the request.
In response to the tuition fees request‚ another user Hmx Herman posted: “nothing for mahala‚ u need to put something on the table. Sisi‚ why do you protect it? If given to a Blesser‚ do u think he will finish it?”
Whether a blesser or blessee‚ those registering on the website get 10 credits as a starter.
The website states that if you want to rise to first place and be noticed by more people near you‚ you need to refill your credits.
The package seen by TMG Digital was platinum which on registration costs 15.00 US dollars (or R233.17) for 2‚000 credits.
A user can also browse other profiles without being seen at a rate of 5.50 US dollars (R85.70).
Payments are made using Pay Pal or a credit card.
The Presidency is yet to comment.

Source: sundayworld