It has been 12 years since Brenda Fassie's passing. In remembrance of the superstar, we look at some of her most memorable quotes.
It seems like just yesterday when we heard the shocking news of Brenda Fassie’s passing on 9 May 2004.
Twelve years later and Brenda Fassie’s industry peers and fans still remember the legend and South Africa’s first mega popstar.
One can’t mention the name Brenda Fassie without smiling or laughing at the things she used to say in interviews, whether controversial or light hearted - or both.
Fassie was known for her no-holds-barred attitude, honesty, and zest for life. People loved that about her.
More than anything, Brenda was a people person - a superstar who was accessible to everyone who adored her.
To celebrate here life, we take a look back at five quotes from the much-loved star. 
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Brenda Fassie on being a threat in the industry...

"Me? A threat? Forget it…you see they look up to me but they must not forget that they found me here and they will leave me here because I know how to sing, I know how to make people happy and I know I’m people’s property.” – Source: Selimathunzi interview

Brenda Fassie on being Brenda Fassie...

“No way, I’m not going to start justifying my character. The way I am is the way I am, if I want to do anything with anyone that’s nobody’s business, mina I do anything I want to do.”

Brenda Fassie on how she’ll never back down from a fight...

Just because I’m Brenda Fassie it doesn’t mean I can’t fight if somebody says voetsek to me, or if somebody swears at me more. It doesn’t mean I won’t react because I’m Brenda Fassie, forget it! I’ll deal with you now!
"I’ll put Brenda Fassie aside and check you now!”

Brenda Fassie on not dreaming about success...

“I don’t believe in dreams, I don’t dream, I’m not a day-dreamer, I’m not a night dreamer. I don’t dream of things, I think of things, I plan these things.
"I’ve never dreamt that I’d become what I am today, I’ve just always believed that I would be what I am today. And still I’m not satisfied of who I am today, people know me in South Africa but I want to explore and be known by everybody out there.” - Source: 90's television documentary

Brenda Fassie on gay people...

“Let me tell you about gay people, they’re the best people on earth! I’ve never seen such polite, loving, caring, honest people. They’re so giving. They’re even better than straight men. And they love their mothers. I’d love to do gay shows…I’d like to go to the marches” – Source