New video footage of Harambe shows the 400-pound gorilla HOLDING HANDS with the boy who fell into exhibition moat as the zoo director insists they were right to shoot him and the barriers were safe 

  • Harambe was fatally shot after a four-year-old boy crawled past the railing and fell 15ft into the gorilla exhibit moat, authorities said
  • But witnesses said the gorilla was 'acting protectively' and the zoo director confirmed the boy was not under attack
  • Video shows the boy reaching for Harambe's arm, and they briefly held hands
  • Many have blamed the boy's parents for 17-year-old Harambe's death
  • They released a statement on Sunday saying their boy is doing 'just fine
  • Zoo director said Harambe was 'disoriented' and tranquillizer would have taken too long with the possibility of agitating the animal even more
  • Director said: 'Looking back we would make the same decision
  • He insisted barriers were secure, asking: 'Do you know any four-year-olds? They can climb over anything

The 7ft tall 18 stone silverback male, Jambo, peered over to look at Levan who lay motionless on the concrete

In the remarkable incident that followed, Jambo stroked his back and protected him from the circling pack