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20 Reasons Why Most People Hate Zulu's
1. Only province in South Africa have Virgin girls 
2. More than 50 percent of TV personalities are Zulus
3. They say Zulus come to Jozi to drive taxis, but those taxis are not owned by Pedis. or Vendas, they’re owned by Zulus
4. Kwaito is in KZN
5. Government, KZN
6. KZN GDP is the second largest in the country.
7. Matric Pass rate is @ 5th place, that’s really not bad compared to
the Eastern Cape and Limpopo kwaMalema.
8. They have their own province, KwaZulu-Natal. 
9. God is staying in KZN eNanda
10. Zulus have their own sole monarch, thee most respected Kingdom
11. They make more than one 3rd of the black population, they dominate 2 provinces, KZN and GP.
12. Zulu film, “Yesterday” was nominated for an Oscar.
13. Zulu acapella “Ladysmith Black Mambazo” has won 4 Grammy awards.
14. Weather in isiXhosa is called imoZulu
15. The Lion King intro is in Zulu.
16. The only nation in the world to defeat British Red army were the Zulus, @Isandlwana.
17. If people die, they go to “eZulwini (heaven) not eXhoseni or eSwazini.
18. My girl friend is a Zulu, aah
19. Zulus have their own football team on the PSL.
20. Zulus are the most popular ethnic group, if u go overseas they would assume u are a Zulu.
Source : iMzansi