Following mounting pressure from opposition parties and South Africans in general, President Jacob Zuma has announced that he will step down. But there is a condition.
Jacob Zuma, who celebrated his 74th birthday last week announced that he will only step down if Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe steps down since ‘Mugabe does not bow down to pressure. When he does so will I’, the president announced.
The message was met with widespread condemnation with many South Africans taking to social media to air their disgust and one Mpulelo Dlamini, ‘we might as well make Zim and South Africa one country. Remove the borders’.
The message was broadcast in a special message that cut short yesterday’s episode of Generations :The Legacy. Just when viewers thught Jack and Tshidi would get cossy, the announcement came up. ‘I am sorry for disrupting your family time viewing but I thought it would be important to share this special message to you’ Zuma announced before briefly pausing. He then continued, ‘I will step down’ and paused again like he usually does. ‘…but only if Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe does so first.’ Zuma ended his speech with his trademark hehehe laugh.
Opposition parties had not responded at the time of publishing this satirical piece.

Source : iMzansi Satire