There was drama at a shebeen in KwaThema, in the East Rand, when two big ladies drew blood in a brawl for the attention of Malume.
Spectators at the popular chill spot say the man, only identified as Malume was buying some ciders for one of the sisters identified as Lihle. However, this did not go down well with Lihle’s twin sister , Buhle who felt she was being left alone and ignored since she did not have anyone buying beers for her.

Malume is said to have felt sorry for Buhle and invited her to join their table of which she agreed. Things took a turn for the worst when Malume wanted to retire of the night and asked Buhle to accompany him to his place of residence. Lihle saw this as a slap in the face since she was the first to get Malume’s attention. She then started shuffling her twin sister telling her to piss off. Buhle was having none of it and told her twin sister she was too drunk to give Malume a good time in bed anyway.
By this time, a small crowd had gathered and without warning, a full blown fight had erupted. Bystanders could only watch as the two big ladies exchanged heavy blows. It was only after the shebeen owner had fired gun shots into the air did the brawl stop.
Malume was nowhere to be found after the scuffle and the sister were left to nurse their wounds and babalaz.
Source : iMzansi