President Jacob Zuma may have survived a vote of no-confidence in Parliament on Tuesday but it seems like there was no escape for him from being the butt of Trevor Noah’s jokes.

President Zuma has fought public criticism over renovations at his Nkandla homestead for several months‚ with his costly private residence being the subject of several enquiries‚ judgments‚ and debates in South Africa and abroad.

But after last week’s constitutional court judgment found the president had failed to uphold‚ defend and respect the South African constitution by not complying with the public protector’s findings‚ the matter has once again been brought into the spotlight.

The matter has already become the butt of several jokes among local comics but Trevor Noah has once again taken the joke to an international audience.

The South African host of the US Daily Show took to his satirical news series on Tuesday evening to poke fun at the president’s Nkandla residence and the public calls for his resign.

In the short segment‚ Noah jokes about South Africa electing President Zuma despite previous corruption charges being linked to him‚ the size of the president’s private residence and even his inability to count.