Toya Delazy and her record label, Sony Music Africa, have parted ways. Her departure marks the beginning of a new era for her as Delazy Entertainment has signed on Klutch Kollective.
The 26-year-old multi-award winning rapper has established her own record label called Delazy Entertainment which signed on Klutch Kollective.
“Today marks a significant day for me. I only realised when I signed the Klutch Kollective contracts today that 19 April 2011 was the day I signed to Sony Music Africa. I take this coincidence as the beginning of a great new chapter and I look forward to sharing more music with South Africa and the rest of the world,” says Delazy.
Klutch Kollective’s debut single, Back To The Roots, has been play listed on radio stations across the country and is on high rotation on stations such as East Coast Radio and recently made the Breaking and Entering Chart on YFM.
FYI: Klutch Kollective is an all-female rap crew which Delazy is also a part of, other member includes DK, Fiah and Genius all of whom are no strangers to the South African music scene.