Pastor Mboro of Incredible Happenings Ministry has for the first time officially addressed the ‘incredible’ reports on social media that he went to heaven and took pictures of the moment to prove it
According to media reports, the founder and leader of Incredible Happenings Ministries claimd that he went to heaven over the Easter holidays, and that while there, he took pictures of himself with his smartphone. It was alleged that the pastor was selling these pictures, which showed him with his face in the clouds, for R5 000 via WhatsApp and through the church’s Facebook page.
Media reports quoted a Mr. Nkuna, who claimed to be Mboro’s spokesperson, saying, “The prophet did go to heaven during the service and he came back later that day. While there, he took pictures using his phone so he can show them to people on earth if they do not believe he was captured in heaven.”
However, a livid Mboro says he was at his church on the Sunday he was supposedly captured and went to heaven.
“On Easter Sunday I was at church. There was nothing like that which took place. I don’t have a spokesperson and there is no Mr. Nkuna who is a leader at my church. In heaven there are no cellphones.
“You get in there by your faith. You will have to give your life because R5 000 is too low. ” BLASPHEMY He adds that, “The story is all made up. I was blocked out of my Facebook account after it was hacked last year.
My congregation knows nothing about this. These are fabricated lies that are an insult to God and my church. It’s blasphemy.They must try other means to destroy me but they must know that they will never win,” he says.
An irritated Mboro points his finger at Thoko MkhwanaziXaluva, the chairperson for the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Rights Communities (CRL Rights Commission).
He accuses her of persecuting him. “Thoko is used to destroying and dividing church leaders. The commissioner needs to ensure and investigate before issuing statements,” referring to a statement the CRL Rights Commission issue about Mboro’s alleged trip tp heaven.
The statement threatened to institute criminal charges against Mboro for extortion. According to Thoko, the commission has plans to file criminal charges at the Hillbrow police station.
“We are monitoring the heaven selfies. This is extortion and commercialisation of religion,” she says. However, the commission’s plans have since been abandoned.
Mboro says some people are out to tarnish his good name.
“There are three churches that go around talking about me. Whenever there’s something good coming my way, like a birthday, things like this crop up,” he says, adding that he will leave it up to God to deal with his detractors. “There are some people who are jealous of me because I am popular.”