End Time Disciples Ministries founder, Pastor Panuel Mnguni has made shocking revelations indicating that AKA is satanic. The pastor, infamous for making his followers eat snakes, rates, among other nasty things, made this startling claim during a prayer service at his church in Soshanguve.
He further went on to give his reasoning on what he termed, ‘Freedom from AKA and his music’. The pastor, in his prepared speech said the award winning song by AKA, “All Eyes on Me’ featuring Burna Boy and Da Les was his initiation rite to Satanism. He further went on to ‘digest’ the song and explaining to his followers why the song is satanic.
‘The first three lines of the song, Burna Boy sings, ‘Bang bang everybody kiss the floor now’, the pastor reads before explaining that the devil requires his followers to kiss the ground as a sign of worship and no one was allowed to look at the devil’s face. The pastor continued giving an analysis of line by line from AKA’s song.
Congregants were left shell shocked when the pastor instructed them to take out their phones and delete all songs which featured AKA. The process might have taken close to five minutes with some congregants deleting whole albums.
After this, the pastor went on further to say AKA confirms he had joined the dark world when he sang ‘We the power circle. Coming to you live from the third world’. The pastor explained, ‘the power circle I the circle of the demons and here AKA confirms joining and the third world mentioned here is the third eye of the devil’.
Some of the lines which stood out included the part where AKA sings ‘I’m at the table with the bosses’. The pastor says this was the final stage of the initiation into Satanism and AKA had been accepted
Some of the congregants who were in attendance said they thank God for the revelations and testified that ‘they have now seen the light’
The pastor finished off by saying, ‘Even the title of the song itself is a declaration of evil. ‘In the Godly realm, eyes are cast on Jesus, but in the dark world that AKA has joined, he wants eyes to be cast on him, not Jesus’
Source : iMzansi