14 year old Destiny and her parents moved to a new city and she started a new school. She was ready to make new friends and have her classmates like her but unfortunately, that didn't happen. Her friends didn't like that she was pretty so they got jealous and she became the target of a group of about half a dozen girls, and endless bullying ensued.

It escalated to online bullying where they would grab nude photos of random girls and spread it amongst their friends and claim the nudes were of Destiny's. They bullied her so bad that she couldn't take it anymore and she hung herself in her room where her father found her.
Read what her friend Natasha Fisher wrote about her:
On Wednesday morning was just like any other morning I went on about my day until my phone rang. I can't explain the excitement that I felt seeing my friend's name pop up on the screen. What was she doing today I wondered.... What were we going to do that night? No kids sounds exciting to me. Little did I know when I answer that phone call my best friends life had already been changed forever. Stephanie (my best friend) and Kurtis Clark are the parents to the most beautiful little girl, Destiny Gelsson, that had just turned 14 in February 2nd. 
She was beautiful and talented let me tell you that girl was sassy in the best possible way. The Clarks had moved 2 Warrenton from Wentzville just this school year. They had just bought their first dream house. Destiny has always been a lovable child but with time unfortunately her beauty and compassion was her curse. With good comes evil found in ever situation. 
There of course were a group of girls at the new school, Black Hawk Middle School, that were jealous of her. 
So instead of being accepting of how blessed they were to know someone like her... their hatred and jealously caused them to shun her and do everything they could to make her life unbearable. From name calling to downloading some random persons private parts, printing them off and writing Destiny's name above the picture. 
I know first hand how ruthless they were I witnessed her tears due to her bullies. As well as my friends struggle to try and better the situation. The months went by and away went her smile and her carefree self. I remember the day I first found out about Destiny being bullied some little girls with nothing else better to do had been sending notes around school that day calling her names and making up stories. It had carried over to social media that night. 
And until April Destiny was not allowed to have a Facebook account. She however had a Instagram account that her parents had the password and login to, which was monitored daily by her parents. I don't know how many times that she cried I don't know how many times that she wish things were different. 
All she wanted was to be liked. I do know whenever I answered that phone and got that call I couldn't believe the words that I was hearing. I couldn't get to the hospital fast enough. 
I wanted to wrap my arms around Stephanie and Kurtis and grab that little girl up and tell her everything was going to be ok. Destiny attempted suicide Wednesday morning by hanging herself she was found my her father who had to yell for her mother because he was unable to get her down alone. 
Destiny was without oxygen for 20-30 minutes before she was brought back to life upon arriving at St. Joseph West Hospital in Lake St. Louis. She was then air vaced to Cardinal Glennon in St. Louis. Destiny's first day at Cardinal Glennon she was breathing 60% on her own and had good brain activity ...the family was so excited. We thought she was going to pull through. Destiny's situation looked so promising. We were sure that it would be a long road home, but she would pull through and everything was going to be fine. 
Then later that night Destiny's temperature spiked and she took a turn for the worst. She started having seizures back-to-back and her brain started to swell. Her legal cause of death was from swelling of her brain. It was not ruled a suicide due to the fact that they resuscitated her. 
Destiny took the last breathe on her own Friday 4/22/16 around 4:30pm but was not officially pronounced deceased in the eyes of the law until 1:11 Saturday 4/23/2016. We are donating her organs as Destiny would have wanted. She was such a kind, caring, compassionate, loving person who would do anything to help others. 
Destiny was a victim of one of the worst crimes that I know. Growing up everyone said sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me well, I most definitely beg to differ words do hurt sometimes so much more than physical harm.
This is the worst moment in anyone's life but just know that she is going to live on in others. Her tragic death is going to give life to so many. She is going to make the most beautiful angel! Destiny's Memorial Service will be held Saturday April 30th, 2016.